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Daily Dose of Gratitude

I want to start off this post with gratitude.

Gratitude for the privilege and opportunity to travel like this. Gratitude because I am able to pursue my greatest passion. And I'm literally living my life's dream. And I am over-the-moon grateful and humbled that I am able to spend each day like I have been.

I have met so many people who share similar life passions with me on the road. I have been swept off my feet by men and women alike when our paths crossed, and said goodbye to every single one of them, temporarily or permanently (hello, free spirit on my own path, here).

I've had more of a social life traveling alone than I've ever had traveling in a pair (or group).

I've met some of the most incredible people and made connections all over the world.

I have almost gotten sick three times, and nursed myself back to health each and every time.

I have been 100% in charge of every aspect of myself and my own life.

I have overspent my budget dramatically and experienced minor panic (fun fact: Italians don't take returns).

I have cried because I was afraid of my journey ending when it hadn't even really begun yet.

I have cried at the thought of continuing this journey for the rest of my life, and wondered how the hell I could pull it off.

I have stayed out late nights, and woken up early mornings.

I have been scammed once or twice on the road by businesses that knew how to take advantage of travelers who don't speak the language.

I have lost various small things of mine.

I have been tested mentally and physically without any phone service or knowledge of the local language while carrying my entire life on my shoulders (literally and metaphorically).

I have put every single ounce of willpower, prayer, and gratitude into each and every single day. In every mirror, in every meal, into every thought, asking for this journey to continue, in whatever way it's meant to and that works.

I have doubted myself. I have doubted my path. I have learned each and every single day just how incredibly capable I am of taking care of myself, of learning, of surviving each day, and managing about 50,000,000,000 different aspects of my life. Every. Single. Day.

-It is a full time job to travel full time. You are constantly determining what your next step is. What your budget looks like. Are you working? Are you taking days off? Are you traveling? How are you getting there? Is that a good idea? Is this? Have you eaten? Do you have food? What was that budget again? What is the current currency exchange? Do they accept card or cash? Hey wait those are your new friends going out. Do you go with them? Do you stay in and catch up on other important things? When do you sleep? Hey, what about downtime? You time? You want to take all the pictures to share! You don't want to take any, you just want to enjoy the moment. Ope, time to call the fam and update them. The list goes on.

Adding to that entire list, you are in a brand new, unfamiliar place, soaking up the whole world around you. You are often standing out as a tourist, especially if you are carrying your bags with you. You are attempting to communicate in a language completely different from your own, while hopefully picking up some of the language as you go. You are trying new foods. New places, new experiences, and more. You are a ball of absorbent energy 24/7 and it's exhilarating, exhausting, magical, vibrant, draining, and a beautiful mess. All at the exact same time. You are uncomfortable and you are growing. And if you're anything like me, it's the absolute best feeling in the world and you never want it to stop.-

I've had enough of my own culture. I've had my entire life with my own culture. I'm here to embrace the world's.

I appreciate my culture, but it doesn't fulfill me anymore.

I've only really just begun my travels. I've only just really begun living the life of my dreams. The life I feel most called to. The life that makes me feel most alive. I am growing and evolving every single day, and when I looked in the mirror of the bathroom this morning at the AirBnb I decided I needed for a night, I cried. I cried at how beautiful and happy I looked. I cried because I was glowing. Because I couldn't imagine anything better for my life than exactly what I'm doing right now. I cried at this new and improved me, and I fully embraced and welcomed the change I saw. I fully embraced my path, my future, my faith, my whole self. I fully embraced the life I have spent unknowningly doubting I deserved. I embraced the feeling, and I felt more alive than I have ever been.

I am living my greatest purpose in life. I am marching to the beat of my own drum with no end in sight. I am dancing every step of the way, and embracing all the challenges that come with it.

I am a traveler.

Happy AF in my hammock on Brasov Hill


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