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Without Further Ado...


I've thought long and hard about what to make my first blog about. I've talked about it, said I was going to create one, even asked people if they would read it if I published one!

Well, here it is. I am officially starting one. A year later. With all the ideas (and monologues) I have running through my head on a daily basis about what I would even write about, knowing I have a million different angles for each idea I have to express in such a way that totally captivates the reader. I'm doing it. For anyone who wonders if it's even worth it? You'll never know until you actually do it.

I have been dreaming and fantasizing about the day I would actually put proverbial "pen to paper" for a long time now. So here it is. Adventures of Fernweh.

You're in for a real treat. The unfiltered edition. The hilarious. If you've ever laughed at me in person, just wait till you hear the REST of what goes on in my head. I crack myself up all the time. The conversations I have in my own head are endless, haha. Who says you can't talk to yourself? I do it on the regular, and yes, I also argue with myself. It's like an angel and demon sitting on my shoulders, and generally speaking, at least in terms of thrill-seeking adventures my mother won't find out about until AFTER they've been accomplished (sorry mom), the demon usually wins. Presently speaking, that equates to about 9 tattoos and counting, 1 skydiving adventure, exploring abandoned asylums at night with God-knows-how-much asbestos in the walls that made me hack up both lungs with 2 of my best friends, and NUMEROUS other adventures that may or may not end up in one of these posts.

I am a self-professed adrenaline-junkie and thrill-seeking adventurer that LIVES for those adrenaline spikes. My best friend Jason has accurately dubbed me "chaos-incarnate" (funny, seeing as HE was one of the 2 that explored that asylum with me...).

Needless to say, with any effort at all, and if nothing else, you will never find these posts boring. Definitely deep (just wait for the soul-baring stuff), probably inappropriate more often than not, and God, I may sometimes not know when to keep my mouth shut (face-palm), but it's me, and it's real. And most importantly, I'm excited and proud of myself for finally sharing it all in the open.

So without further ado, I invite you on all of my travels with me, so you can live vicariously through me (or with me if you want to meet up to go on some random adventure!). I promise to try to post all the pictures so my mom doesn't yell at me, and update once a week? Depends on where I am in the world, but you get the idea. Cheers!

Looking cute in my hometown of Abilene, Texas! ;)

Arrivederci dall'Italia!

Fernweh, aka Hailey

P.S. For anyone asking how and where I got the name Fernweh, scroll down on the home page. ;-)


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